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Our survival depends on unity founded on the ethical principals of sustainable systems that form a global nation and we must all play an important role in realizing a more humane, just, and sustainable world. Above all, we must combine all of these changes with a deeper understanding of "what unites us" and to challenge the things "that divide us." If people have access to land and are allowed to live within the parameters of natural evolution, educated to the multi-climate land use principals and strategies of "Permaculture" then there is food, clothing, and shelter for all.

Poverty is an illusion to those without ancestral memory, trapped in a materialist's society without vision to see that poverty anywhere is just another product created by a material Global society.

Sustainable alternative systems exist, systems designed to be free from external exploitation, which (if not suppressed by global economic profiteers) could run as a sub-economy parallel to the present capitalist system.

Sustainable alternative systems that have evolved beyond the threatening bi-products of capitalist or communist systems creating a new synchronous system world order of sustainable "Nations United" without poverty.

The constitution of alternative sustainable systems is based on "Permaculture" strategies and policies for a stable social order that meets the needs of its communities. As apposed to the virulent global capitalist concept, a hostile materialistic culture relying on pseudo-economic and technological systems to survive or the failed totalitarian communist system.