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The capitalist system is an unbridled entity, a destructive profit fed runaway that offers no species or environmental limitations or restraints, but in reality, one that is necessary to accommodate human societies gratuitous needs.

Seeking alternative systems does not suggest the abolition of the capitalist system nor the return to a communist system. It merely suggests that ignorance to a system that has reached almost critical mass is the passport to poverty, weapons proliferation, conflict, terrorism, diseases, and environmental degradation contributing to Global insecurity.

Many institutions exist in various countries based on "Bioregionalism" (Land trusts, self-management, community banking, self-financing,) and are instinctively struggling against the hostile environment of" Global Capitalism." Maybe revolution as we see in South America against globalization is one small step through that time portal for the oppressed into non-capitalist/communist coercion-free self-sustainable societies.

The emergence of new Southern hemisphere movements among oppressed and landless peoples with mutual interests from China to Brazil (The BRIC countries) may well be this new sub-economic system world order.

For the landless masses to acquire land is only the first step, sustainable local and regional land use policies are the second step.

The third step is to create regional decentralized democratic non-hierarchical systems with basic rules and procedures based on natural development accepted by all communities.