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Awareness Building:

The UHR has come to a conclusion that awareness building is the precondition for development of the people living below the poverty line. That's why; the organization has attached importance to the programs to develop awareness and build the capacity of the rural people. It has already broadly classified its people oriented awareness programs in the following way.

1. Awareness building camps on Sustainable Development in the remote villages in Northeast India.

2. Counseling programs for capacity building for self-employment.

3. Health Awareness Programs and free medical camps for the poor and needy.

4. Integrated Cultural Programs for understanding of diverse culture.

Apart from launching various human resource developmental activities such as Health Awareness Programs, Self-employment Counseling, Integrated Cultural Programs, Awareness Building Camps on Sustainable Development, in the remote villages of Northeast India, UHR has established a development program to encourage the rural poor to produce various handcrafted Eco-friendly articles using indigenous technology.

Impact of the Awareness camps:

Impact of the awareness camps of different duration has already had its impact in the rural areas of the region. The general impacts are as follows:

a. Along with the development of awareness, interest, inquisitiveness of the rural people to know more about the sustainable development programs has been noticed.

b. Lots of rural people have organized themselves into Self Help Groups after being motivated in such programs.

c. People have started analyzing the resources of their respective villages for location specific economic activities as discussed in the camps.

d. Rural people, particularly unemployed youths have been able to understand the importance of a planned, scientific and sustained approach in utilizing the local and natural resources for their self-employment.

e. Rural people have been able to know the scope and profitably of activities in the agriculture and allied sector when taken with a Eco-scientific and commercial approach.

UHR has designed a prospectus outlining the basic principles, project illustrations, photographs of successful related components, technical data and information etc. of its proposed Eco-friendly educational project for presentation to potential supporters.

Given proper implementation, the proposed project of UHR will prove immensely beneficial in so far as the global community is concerned.