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Thanks a lot for your interest in my mission.

Ever since childhood I have been interested and deeply involved with various Social, Cultural and Political organizations. I have coordinated and promoted awareness about care programs for disadvantaged children fostering responsible childcare and education in multicultural context. I have personally formed and managed an NGO with the aim of educating people about the grave problem of corruption.

Keeping the goal of my life in mind, to make the public aware of the grave problem facing the human family today and also to investigate deep into the matter, I have entered inside the people deeply and appealed before the masses to assemble under the banner of 'UNITED HUMAN RESOURCE' (UHR) and established the Humanitarian, Non-profit, Non-political, and Non-confessional Social Organization, with the aim of promoting Human Resource capacities for the sake of Nature and Humanity.

The specific objectives of my mission simply are:

* To teach about Natural and Local Resource Management to achieve a planned, scientific and sustainable understanding, thus creating an environmental consciousness.

* To retain Traditional Culture through teaching indigenous skills and technologies, rebuilding the relation between traditional skills and ecology for sustainable development.

* To reduce Unemployment Rates by empowering the young generation to utilize their self-employment potentials with the help of Nature and Environment.

* To canalize the youth resource for productive economic activities.

* To meet the needs of present generation without compromising the resources for future generation.

Although I had to face tremendous obstacles in my path due to the ignorance of people, vested interest of the corrupt leaders, money minded circle, selfishness of so called intellectuals, financial crisis and many other factors I have never stopped at any point. Devoting myself to the interest of the Human Development is not simply my passion it is my life challenge. Throughout the years my confidence and optimism have strengthened. I am determined to take responsibilities and work under any circumstances for the sake of the Earth and Justice of Humanity. I know, I can make a difference by working together with people.

As a Director, I congratulate and convey my heartiest wishes and gratitude to all the participants who made the mission possible. I am confident with the active cooperation of all members and well-wishers of the UHR family to take up the challenge boldly and make our Mission a resounding success.

I believe, everyone concerned about the grave human situation would come forward to give their joining hands to the mission.

My profile:

Mr. Pranab Saikia

Date of birth : 29th August 1973

Nationality : Indian

Religion : Humanism

Work Experience:

2001 - Founder Director of "United Human Resource" (NGO)

* Entered deep into the people and independently organized and formed the humanitarian social organization.

* Leading and managing the organization and acting as a problem solver for any issues that arise in running the activities.

* Organized and managed awareness building camps on sustainable development and directed the motivating teams.

* Identifying individuals and group potentials and providing counseling for their Eco-friendly self-employment relating to local resources.

* Designed and implemented various events to raise awareness on health and environment.

* Arranged and managed free medical camps for the poor and needy.

* Organized, managed and directed various integrated cultural programs to develop understanding of diverse culture.

* Conducted seminars on human resource development in relation to environment.

* Raised funds in conducting events and maintaining relationship with donors.

* Developing an Eco-friendly education system for the development of environmental and socioeconomic aspect of the people.

* Campaigned the Eco-friendly educational issue in the capital of India, New Delhi to raise awareness among the national politicians and media.

* Mobilizing international support for the implementation of the proposed 'Eco-friendly educational Project'

* Promoting relationship with the local Government.

* Managing income generation to run the day to day activities of the organization.

* Developing publications and maintaining rapport with media.

* Preparing evaluation and annual program reports of the organization for presentation to the 'Registrar of Societies'.

1999-2000 Volunteer Coordinator of Muyal Liang Trust, West Sikkim, India

* Hosted visitors and managed guesthouse.

* Coordinated and implemented fundraising activities.

* Promoted relationship with donors.

* Introduced new strategies for fundraising.

* Managed various incomes generating projects of the trust.

* Assisted Chairman for general management of the trust.

* Taught children's courses in human science.

1996 - 1998 Managing Partner of Para - co Consultancy & Services, Assam, India

* Provided consultation on marketing and business development.

* Directed marketing activities and sales promoting team.

* Conducted medical care information programs - referred patients to opportune medical facilities.

* Provided career counseling - advised and assisted students on higher education.

1990 - 1993 Marketing Manager of Northeastern Industrial Production & Commercial Center, Guwahati, Assam, India

* Promoted marketing strategies.

* Managed Marketing staff.

* Developed and maintained business relation with Government.

* Assisted in managing production unit.

1989 - 1990 General contractor, Assam State Housing Board, Government of Assam, India

* Developed and maintained contracting rapport with Government.

* Managed and supervised construction labour.


1995 Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology & Radiography, "Marian Medical Center & Research Institute", Cochin, Kerela, India.

Other Experience:

* 1990 Completed Entrepreneurship Development Program, sponsored by NEC, IDBI, IFCI, ICICI, and Department of Industries, Government of Assam.

* 1986 Served as General Secretary of our 'School Student Union" and worked as an Organizing Secretary for the "All Guwahati School Student Union"

Language Skills:

English, Hindi, Nepali, Assamese, Bengali, Nagamese and Kannada.

Computer Skills:

MS Office and Internet

Travelling Experience:

Traveled major portion of India including two neighboring countries and was involved with different communities in various places of India and Nepal.

I look forward to work with the people from different countries and to bring my concept before the global community for the sake of nature and humanity.