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In order to meet the required goal UHR has begun by establishing a development program, the 'Traveler's Mission', aimed at protecting human rights and fostering responsible youth care and education in an environmental context. This program also serves as a communication platform that will enable people of different countries to share their experiences and work together for the development of multi cultural care facilities for the underprivileged.

The purpose of the 'Traveler's mission' is to organize broadminded people from all over the world to form a Volunteer's Community to work for the development of the socioeconomic conditions of the poor people in relation to the Environment.

'Traveler's mission' arranges for the participants stay with the natives mainly in the South and the Northeastern parts of India enabling them get the reality of this third world, which is a land of ancient history colorful culture and people, superb scenarios and some of the best walking on earth. UHR Director, Pranab Saikia leads the mission and provides guidance and all assistance to the participants in every step.

The main aims of the 'Traveler's mission' are:

* To rediscover the relation between human values and tradition, rebuilding the linkage between cultural beliefs, environment and socioeconomic stability.

* Documentation of the indigenous technologies that help in the sustainable use of natural and human resources, promoting them for the preservation and wider responsible use of traditional knowledge, skills and resources.

* Carry out community oriented actions and participatory research related to environmental, social, economic and cultural matters of their surroundings.

* Study the pressure on Nature and its impact on the local farmers, suggesting solutions and canalizing the human resource capacities in key economic activities for a sustainable development

* Work as a vigilant organization and bring the criminal activities against Nature and Humanity for the public awareness. At the same time, bring consciousness about all the 'apparently inoffensive habits' that daily contribute to this depleting inertia.

* Mobilize International support and coordination to help the underprivileged to become self-reliant. Encouraging them to develop their capacities using natural and local resources in a planned, scientific and sustained manner, making them aware of the ongoing degradation and destruction of the environment and its consequences for their well being.

Specifically, the goal of the 'Travelers mission' is to establish a self-employment oriented Eco-friendly Educational Project the 'Environment-Friendly Farming & Ecological Center and Training Institute for Vocational Education' (EFFECTIVE) to impart vocational and technical training to the underprivileged mainly in the areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and bee keeping, Mushroom cultivation, Sericulture, Animal husbandry, Fishery, Maintenance of agriculture equipment, Food processing and preservation, Handlooms and Handicrafts, Sustainable Renewable Energy Resources and responsive Eco-tourism etc. This education project also integrates moral and spiritual education in an environmental context for children and adults. Thus making them self-reliant, enhancing their standard of living and job prospects besides creating environmental consciousness among them. The EFFECTIVE will also provide free lodging and other basic necessities of life for orphaned, destitute and disadvantaged children, educating them how to use their potentials in sustainable ways allowing them to contribute towards a healthy and peaceful world. The aim of this Eco-friendly education is to utilize the natural resources and ecological factors in a friendly way in relation to human resource development for general upliftment of people and environment. EFFECTIVE will ensure Financial and Technical Support, Market and Easy Distribution System, and Project Implementation and Monitoring Support to the trainees to make them self-reliant.

How the proposed EFFECTIVE will work:

* Develop and demonstrate a role model of a sustainable agriculture system.

* Introduce agro-forestry farming system and best utilization of land, resources and time.

* Create awareness about the importance of managing and preserving sustainable natural resources.

* Analyze the environmental resources and ecological factor in relation to human resource development.

* Promote ecologically sound and culturally appropriate sustainable agriculture.

* Retain traditional culture through the teaching indigenous skill and technologies, rebuilding the relation between traditional skills and ecology for sustainable development.

* Teach sustainable management of social waste.

* Education for effective project planning implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

All interested organizations and individuals who would like to widen their scope of vision and multicultural understanding through travelling are invited to participate in the 'Traveler's mission'

To set up the 'EFFECTIVE' UHR is in need of a land area of approximately 25 acres. We are looking for any organization or Individuals for partnership to establish the 'EFFECTIVE'.

All participants of the Traveler's mission' are requested to take initiative for the establishment of the 'EFFECTIVE'. Any one can help UHR by becoming partner or connecting any organization and individual interested for partnership in establishing the 'EFFECTIVE'. One can also help by donating in any kind - manpower, land, money, materials etc.

We welcome one and all who are deeply concerned with the grave situation of Nature and Humanity. Your participation in this mission will be highly valued. We are in strong need of your guidance and support to save the deteriorating scene of this strained and distressed world.