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The 'United Human Resource' is organizing a National Level Awareness Program the 'Mission Justice' aiming to educate the Citizens of the great Sub-Continent through Electronic Media about the grave problem of the worst crimes to Nature and Humanity.

UHR experts have been preparing to present a News Based TV Serial 'Mission Justice' which will play a key role to educate the people in the degree sustainable development coexist with the local environment and will also bring a clear picture of the criminal activities to Nature and Humanity in live and true story shootings. Interview programs will be conducted in every episode on the particular issue, with the concern Government Agencies, Research Institutions and other Responsible Organizations investigating deep into the matter, and Scientists, Experts and Specialists and Legal Consultants will participate in the program to offer suggestions to the public. 'Mission Justice' takes the task of educating people about the access to Justice for Protection of Environment, Fundamental Rights and natural Liberty to improve their capacity, which is capable of utilizing the people's potentials and strengthening the sustainable development. The serial will also includes documentation on Human Resource Developmental Activities initiated by the Government Departments, Social Organizations and other Institutions. Anchorpersons will spill the thrill around in the program and will bring audiences to the platform to express their views and opinions on the subjects.

UHR is looking for Cameraman with camera, Director and Assistant Director with or without experiences, Scriptwriter, Editor and creative thinkers for this program.