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The North East based International Level English Monthly News Magazine 'Mission in Earth' will take the important role in this Revolutionary Mission. This Magazine will not only carry topics like - Sustainable Development, Employment, Eco-friendly Establishment, Finance, Environmental Education, Human Resource Development, Energy and Development etc. but will also bring a clear vision of the grave situation of Nature and Humanity that will awake the inner eye of the readers and will heat the heart with a vibration of resulting from inhumanity such as Ecological Crises, Environmental Rap, Poisoned Air, Ravaged Soil, Stripped Forest, Corrupted Water Resources; Destruction of Infrastructure, of Soul-rivers, Coast-lines, Lakes, Grasslands, and Hill sides, Irrational Use of natural Resources, Black Marketing and Smuggling, Distortion of Human Resource, Numerous Corruption, Restlessness, Child Servitude, Child Labour, Exploding Population, Genocide, Torture, Food Poisoning, Cruel Treatment, Sexual Slavery, Ruthless Exploitation, Threat to Peace, Act of Aggression, Attack Against Civilian Population etc. The 'Mission in Earth' will also cover Politics, News Analysis, News Features, Social Commentaries, Economic Reviews, Film Reviews, Sports Round-up, Fashion and Life-style, Business News and special accents on Women, Children and Unemployed Youths. This will carry regular columns on Natural Resource Management, Self Employment Guidance, Opportunities Abroad, Information Exchange, Problem and Solution, Resource Directory, Travel and Tourism, Legal Consultation, Hidden Talents Seeking Scope, Voice of Unemployed, Nature and Environment Today, Know Your Health, Quiz Game, Creativity Test, Competitive Question Fun, News for Use etc. The Magazine will build Bridges between the readers to express their views and opinions on the situation and to exchange their ideas for Human Development.

UHR is looking for publisher or publishers to launch the News Magazine

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