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The needs of UHR at present:

a. Missionaries to establish the proposed 'EFFECTIVE'.

b. A vehicle for transportation to carry out organizational activities in the remote villages.

c. UHR don't have a systematically organized office with required office accessories like computer etc. and appointed staffs as it is not in a position, at present, to afford to pay the employees, which is one of the main reasons for the slow progress of UHR. Donation in kind of office automations and sponsoring manpower will be a great help in this situation.

d. UHR has a house for volunteers in the Guwahati city of Assam but it has only one bathroom and toilet and not sufficient furniture for comfortable stay of volunteers. Building materials for construction of a toilet and bathroom and furniture are the important requirement at this moment to upgrade this volunteer's home.

e. UHR has agricultural lands and a farmhouse close to a small town 50 kilometers north of the Guwahati City. Though these lands are not sufficient for the proposed Eco-friendly Educational project of UHR, it has the capacity to provide different self-employment oriented training programs to the rural youths. UHR is in need of fund to promote this land to convert it to an Eco-friendly self-employment oriented training campus.

f. UHR also has an ancestral property in a remote village on the bank of river Brahamaputra close to Guwahati, which can be promoted to an Eco-camp to educate the rural poor about responsive Eco-tourism. Finance is required for the construction of the camp.

g. UHR has established a handloom unit using traditional technology in a flood-affected village 70 kilometers west of Guwahati, which is now the only source of income for some tribal weavers. Financial assistance, training and research will help to orient the weavers in finding a wider market.

h. UHR has setup a number of bamboo crafts manufacturing units in villager's houses in lower Assam which is providing sustenance to these families of below poverty line. Coordination in promoting these products will help towards their economical wellbeing.

i. UHR has to publish various awareness materials on sustainable development. UHR is also planning to launch an International Level English Monthly News Magazine 'Mission in Earth', which will take the important role in this Revolutionary Mission. Machinery for printing and publishing is the basic needs for it.

j. The 'United Human Resource' is organizing a National Level Awareness Program the TV program 'Mission Justice' aiming to educate the Citizens of the great Sub-Continent through Electronic Media about the grave problem of the worst crimes to Nature and Humanity, which will also play a key role in educating people that sustainable development coexist with the local environment. Creating awareness about all the 'apparently inoffensive habits' that daily contribute to this depleting inertia. UHR is in need of producer or producers for this program. One can help by providing camera, vehicle etc. for this production. UHR is also looking for Cameraman, Director, Assistant Director, Scriptwriter, Editor and creative thinkers for this purpose.

k. To set up the 'EFFECTIVE', UHR is in need of a land area of approximately 25 acres. We are looking for any organization or Individuals for partnership to establish the 'EFFECTIVE'.

You can help UHR by participating in the 'Traveler's Mission' to take initiatives in order to meet the required goal.

Any one can help UHR by becoming partner or connecting any organization and individual interested for partnership in establishing the 'EFFECTIVE'. One can also help by donating in any kind - manpower, land, money, materials etc.

This is the platform, where people of different potential can share their thoughts and experiences, and work together for human development.

UHR conveys its heartiest gratitude to the participants in the realization of its ideal.

For your Comment, Suggestion, Advice and any queries please send an email to: humanism_uhr@yahoo.com or call UHR Director MR. Pranab Saikia any time at +91 98804 34054.

Wish you all the best and welcome you to the UHR family.