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We welcome all interested organizations and individuals who would like to widen their scope of vision and multicultural understanding through travelling to participate in this program.

We have begun by establishing a development program, the 'Traveler's Mission', aimed at protecting human rights and fostering responsible youth care and education in an environmental context. This program also serves as a communication platform that will enable people of different countries to share their experiences and work together for the development of multi cultural care facilities for the underprivileged.

The UNITED HUMAN RESOURCE (UHR) a revolutionary non-confessional humanitarian social organization that came into existence in the summer of 2001 is dedicated to launching Human Resource Developmental activities associated with environmental and socioeconomic issues in India. The specific objective of UHR is to constitute the Eco-friendly Education System to impart vocational and technical training in Natural Resource Management to enable individuals to tackle their environment everyday and ensure their survival, sustenance and prosperity. The Eco-friendly Educational Project of UHR will also provide General Education in an environmental context to promote the overall aspects of daily life - Practical, Social, Moral, Aesthetic and Intellectual.