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* Identify potential resources of funding for the proposed EFFECTIVE and drafting funding proposals.

* Connect organizations and individuals interested for partnership in establishing the EFFECTIVE with a global interest.

* Mobilize international support for the development of the Project.

* Assist the director in correspondence for the smooth functioning of the organization.

* Help in designing a web site of UHR.

* Encourage the rural poor to produce various Eco-friendly handlooms and handicrafts and Coordinate in promoting these products for their economical wellbeing.

* Provide counseling to the unemployed youths for their Eco-friendly self-employment relating to local resources.

* Develop publications and maintain rapport with media.

* Prepare evaluation and reports of the organization for presentation to the 'Registrar of Societies'.

* Organize cultural programs to develop understanding of diverse culture.

* Design events to raise awareness on health and environment and help in arranging free medical camps for the poor and needy.

* Help in conducting seminars on human resource development in relation to environment.

* Designing curriculum for the Eco-friendly self-employment oriented training including the preparation and development of training and resource materials.

* Campaign the Eco-friendly educational issue in the capital of Assam, Guwahati, to raise awareness among the state politicians and bureaucrats, appealing before the Government, Universities and other educational bodies for recognition and affiliation of this all-inclusive and extensive holistic education system to extend and further strengthen a base of quality education for the sake of Nature and Humanity.

With your entire experience from the mission, you are expected to represent the 'United Human Resource' world wide with the interest of global community.