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* You are requested to do a deep study of the prospectus, which contains the proposed project outlining the basic principles, project illustrations, photographs of successful related components, technical data and information etc. that will make you more acquainted with the works of UHR to share this global concern.

* Living with the natives in different places, know the social, cultural, economical, political, environmental and ecological situations and the scopes for sustainable developments, and carry out a people participatory research for the establishment of the Eco-friendly Educational Project of UHR.

* Enter deep into the rural poor, encouraging them to develop their traditional skills and indigenous technology for their sustainable development and prepare the features and presentation for the proposed project adjusting through local custom, culture and environment.

* Carryout a feasibility study for the establishment of an extensive central project of the self-employment oriented Eco-friendly Education System, where students and representatives from far reach communities would come for experience, training and follow-up support by specialists.

* Analyzing the local and environmental resources and Ecological factors in relation to human resource development, prepare a detailed feasibility report for the proposed project focussed on national adjustment, topographical surveys, sizing, costs, potential productivity etc. for presentation.

* Prepare a final project report of the "Environment-friendly Farming & Ecological Center and Training Institute for Vocational Education" (EFFECTIVE) on your observation of the local and natural resources, human resource capacities, infrastructure, environment, possible acquisitions, land etc. and expected cost for submission to the local Government and Financial Institutions for the allotment of the required land and financial support for its implementation.

* Educate the state ministers and concern officials about this all-inclusive project, which is our only future, and the vital needs of its implementation at the earliest.

* Communicate with concern Government Departments, Politicians, Supporters as well as the outer world for the establishment of the project, with the interest of human family.

* Documentation of the indigenous technologies will be an added advantage for the preservation and wider responsible use of traditional knowledge, skills and resources, and will play a key role to educate people in the ambit of sustainable development.