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A sustainable "Permaculture" system is one in which it provides its own energy unlike modern systems that are totally dependent on external energies such as oil with its high exponential financial and pollution costs and its inevitable depletion.

Time has long past when we would seek solutions through institutional politics, commerce, or religions, with their illusion that money is the answer to poverty, or that we still have the unconditional right to have numerous children. It is naive to ask why we are destroying ourselves, the question is now irrelevant. Time has dragged us to an evolutionary portal, which unconditionally demands from us a total commitment of human reassessment, without using analyzing tools, which created the problems of humanity we are trying to solve. We must work with nature rather than against the many natural elements, forces, processes, and evolutions to facilitate rather than impede natural development and recycle to nature an equal amount of resource that we have taken.

There is too much evidence of human failure and ecological disaster hence we must invest in alternative systems, lifestyles, politics, energies, and economics for a more sustainable future world. The choice now is whether we change our consumptive lifestyles or we ourselves become the final plague and invest in our own annihilation.