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The formal education system does not prepare people to take up different self-employment opportunities available in the land. The standard of education and high percentage of illiteracy, low percentage of rural people having knowledge about modern agricultural techniques, characteristic of different soil and crops, disease affecting etc. and lack of knowledge about animals, birds and modern practices in Live Stock firming are the root cause of under development.

The youths are not only the future of human family but also the backbone of our society. Unfortunately, this invaluable resource capacity is neglected, degraded and destroyed due to the vested interest of the opportunist leaders. To day unemployed youths are suffering from psychological distress because survival of their life is in an impossible dream. The corrupt politicians shout during their speeches with false promise and hypocrisy holding celebration on Independent Day or Republic Day to influence the media, which is responsible to act dutifully to announce the shenanigans of the ruling leaders far removed from the reality of ordinary people. People even don't know the test of the fruits of Freedom - Freedom from Hunger. In fact in this increasingly polarized country of insecurity and intolerance unemployed youths have become the innocent victims tormented by hunger and disease. In many cases they have been robbed of their right for survival. The only way to save the deteriorating scene of the land is rapid channelization of the youth resource capacities to the key economic activities associated with the Nature and Environment. We are determined to educate the young people for their sustainable development and to ensure sufficient facilities to the unemployed youths for their Eco-friendly self-establishment. "There can be no sustainable development without protecting the Environment, Fundamental Rights, Natural Liberty, Self Reliance and Self Government of the people". There is a strong link between the increasing rate of unemployment and the gradual ecological crises. If the unemployment rate has to be reduced, the Eco-friendly Education System should be constituted to channelize the youth resource in using Natural and Local Resources in a planned, scientific and sustained manner, for which planning should be done in a supportive fashion, by a common forum consisting of Local and Central Government, Related Departments, Financial Institutions and other organizations and individuals.

Let us join our mission of reducing ignorance and transforming our people in to the enlightened future of tomorrow full of life and vigor. Let us give them a true art of living, a meaning of live and life to their dreams. We are not only going to crate a wonderland flourished with the dreams of unemployed youths but will also help them their dreams come to fruition. Let us not rob them of their livelihood, their right for survival and their rights for choice upon overall development. We take the challenge to initiate appropriate collective measures for the prevention and removal of deprivation of man of his natural liberty and denial of his ordinary amenities of life.

To us, discipline is social and the whole of life is the curriculum. All members of society can play the role of teacher according to the situation. Education continues not only in the Institutions but also throughout life, at every stage of childhood, youth and adulthood. Let us be a true change agent for building the future of those in need and work not only for them but with them. This will bring far-reaching change in our actual practice of development; it is the only yardstick and a new beginning of a new horizon.

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This is the platform, where people of different potential can share their thoughts and experiences, and work together for human development.

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